Competition Dancing

Time to shine!

So you’ve seen it on TV and can picture yourself twirling round in the dance floor in fabulous dresses or tailsuits? Well we can certainly help you out here! DanceSpace Adelaide trains a large percentage of South Australia's competitive DanceSport couples. We have some of Australia's top coaches at your fingertips to get you started in this unique world.

When starting in DanceSport (competitive ballroom & latin dancing) you will compete against those in your age group and matching level. You don't start out dancing against the pros – don't worry! In your first few competitions you won’t need any special outfits or choreography. This is designed to help you get started to see if you like it, and to keep the cost down so you can do as many competitions as you want!

To train for your first competition many people will take private lessons as well as their group classes to help give them some specialist tips before they hit the floor. If you have a partner in mind ready to hit the floor - awesome work! If not, let your teacher know as we may know of someone else looking. There is also the option to dance in ProAm and Coach & Pupil events (where you dance with a teacher) or individual events where other students will partner you.